Chez Bianca 

1 place Jules Ferry

69006 Lyon | Tel.(00 33) 04 78 41 68 10

Monday to Saturday de  10H00 à 15H00  et de 18H00 à 24H00 


Bianca portrays a delectable history of Italy in the 50s!

The setting is hushed, vibrant and elegant to ensure diners enjoy themselves in an inviting setting with ever-present designer accents. A tip of the hat to the artist !

This “Little Italy” located alongside its big sister La Brasserie des Brotteaux will transport you through Italy at lunchtime or dinner. Between octopus alla Lucciana and white truffle Rigatoni, the selection of dishes is simply mouth-watering.

Depending on your taste, we will suggest a wine pairing, possibly a bottle from Italy.

Buon viaggio!


l'Agape 1913

140 avenue de l'Industrie

69006 Rilleux laPape

| Tel.(00 33) 04 78 61 06 99

Du Lundi au Vendredi Midi

Nestled in the heart of a “hub of companies” in the Rilleux area, L’Agape 1913 offers an oasis of tranquillity for a midday break. This contemporary restaurant offers you delectable market-fresh cuisine, making it an ideal lunch spot. The wine list is extensive, and you may just make some interesting discoveries... L’Agape 1913 is a restaurant echoing the house spirit of La Brasserie des Brotteaux.

Au Rendez Vous des Amis

249 cours Lafayette

69006 Lyon | Tel.(00 33) 04 78 24 37 54

Du Lundi au Vendredi de 10H00  à 24H00

In the heart of the Part-Dieu district, this establishment, the "cousin" of La Brasserie des Brotteaux stirs up melancholy,

but not only that!

In 1970, it served as headquarters of the "Franc mâchonnerie",

a true Lyonnais institution frequented by Raymond Barre and many other great personalities of the time. Today the atmosphere is one of sheer camaraderie…Many of the neighbourhood employees are regulars here, their loyalty governed not only by the quest for good food but also the experience of a restaurant whose team genuinely cares for its diners. Smiles and sunny dispositions are what set the tempo here. The evenings between 7pm and 9pm are dedicated to drinks and tapas. A delicious way to gently wind down from your day!

Welcome, Friends!


Brasserie des Brotteaux

1, Place Jules Ferry 69006 Lyon - Tel 04 72 74 03 98